How to Match a Phone Number to a Person

By Techwalla Contributor

If you want to match a phone number to a person it can be done rather painlessly using different reverse phone lookup methods, but you have to know which ones are correct, and once you know that it's a snap. Here's how to match a phone number to a person.

Step 1

Begin with a reverse lookup website. There are tons of great websites that will match a phone number to a person, and any of them are a good place to start. Usually they offer a free basic reverse lookup that cross references the number with all of the local and nationwide telephone directories. In most cases this will be as much as you need to do, it really is that easy and works with cell phones too!

Step 2

Dig deeper if you have to. If you don't find what you are looking for there, usually you can pay a little extra for very detailed personal information. Sometimes when you want to match a phone number to a person the telephone number can be unlisted or otherwise hard to get and might not appear in the basic search. The cost is usually pretty low, anywhere from one to fifteen dollars, or you can buy an annual unlimited membership for around the cost of two detailed reports. There are even some reverse lookup sites give this detailed info away for free, so it's worth a second to check a few.

Step 3

Try a people search website. Sometimes large well respected people search websites have the most extensive databases of personal information and records available to match a phone number to a person. If you haven't yet found the info you are looking for, these can be a great place to check, and it only takes a second.

Step 4

Google it. Google owns around 70% of the internet search market and is constantly indexing and gathering information, and if the number you are looking for has shown up on the net just about anywhere, chances are that Google will have some bit of information on it. This works really good with telemarketing phone numbers because people have usually complained about that specific number in a forum or blog post somewhere and that's all it takes for Google match a phone number to a person.

Tips & Warnings

  • As a last resort you can usually check with your local law enforcement agencies if you are experiencing harassing phone calls that won't stop, but the calls have to be threatening or very harassing before they will usually do anything. In any other case besides this, it is best to check around yourself and see what you can come up with. Even if you have to pay a buck or two at least you'll have the information you were looking for, although this info can be usually be obtained free most of the time.