How to Merge PDF Files on a Mac

By Art Corvelay

Preview is an application that comes with all Mac computers. This application lets you view a variety of image files, including PDF files. Using Preview, you can also merge or combine multiple PDF files into one. Using Preview to merge PDF files on your Mac will save you the trouble of downloading or purchasing a third-party application.

Step 1

Double-click on the Preview icon in the Applications directory of Finder to open the program. Click "File" and then "Open." Choose the first PDF file to open it.

Step 2

Click "View" and then select "Sidebar" to open the Preview sidebar.

Step 3

Open your second file in Preview by clicking "File" and then "Open." The second PDF opens in a separate window.

Step 4

Click "Edit" and then "Select All" in the second PDF file.

Step 5

Drag the selected (second) PDF file to the end of the last page in the sidebar of the original PDF file to merge the files.

Step 6

Click "File" and then "Save As" to save the newly created PDF file.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can repeat this process with as many PDF files as you would like to merge.