How to Merge Tables in MS Word

By Tina Amo

MS Word simplifies the process of creating tables in Word documents with the "Table"menu. Users may format tables to present important data in a meaningful way. The program enables users to combine the data from two or more tables. It is also possible to merge tables of different sizes.

Step 1

Remove special formatting from both tables. To remove text wrapping, for example, move the cursor to the upper left corner of the a table and wait for the move handle to appear. The move handle is a small box with a four-headed arrow. Double-click the move handle to view the "Table properties" box. Select "None" in the "Text wrapping" section. Click "OK." Repeat for the second table if necessary.

Step 2

Choose the table that will contain all the data. Determine the row where you wish the data from the second table to appear.

Step 3

Click an area just outside the right side of the chosen row and press the "Enter" key. This will create a blank row in the table.

Step 4

Highlight the contents of the second table. Click on the highlighted data and drag it to the blank row in the first table. Release the button. The program will merge both tables. It will create more rows and columns to contain the data from the second table where necessary.