How to Open a DST File

Data Summary Tape files -- DST files -- are a type of Computer Aided Design file (CAD) used for computerized embroidery equipment requiring Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) file formats. Originally created by Tajima for use with their embroidery machines, it is recognized as one of several standard embroidery industry file types and used by other manufacturers. DST files contain stitch-count, thread color and stitching pattern, requiring embroidery software to open and view.

Close-up of embroidery on a fabric swatch
Computerized embroidery machines require special software and files containing detailed digital information.
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Install the design or embroidery software that is compatible with .DST file extensions. Design programs include Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw! with DST plug-ins. Embroidery programs include Tajima's Pulse, Embroidermodder by SourceFORGE and proprietary software supplied with your machine.


Launch the program and choose "Open" under the "File" menu.


Choose the DST file from the list of files. Click the "Open" button. Alternatively, double-click on the DST file.

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