How to Open a Gz File

By Techwalla Contributor

Open a gz file easily by using this step by step guide. This article will show you how to quickly open gz files on your computer!

Step 1

To open your gz file, first understand what a gz file is. Gz stands for gnu zip. This is simply another way to compress and archive files together. You can think of a gz file as an alternative, open source version, of zip files.

Step 2

Next, to open a gz file, find and locate an archive manager program that lets you open compressed files. One popular example to open gz files is bitzipper (see resources below). Another popular archive manager program is winRar. You can also use these archive manager programs to open tar files, zip files, and any other compression archive files as well.

Step 3

Finally, open your archive manger program and browser to the gz file. You should be able to decompress and extract the contents of your gz file (or open your gz file) on your computer!

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