How to Open a Toshiba Satellite A105 Laptop's Optical Drive

Some models of the Toshiba A105 laptop are equipped with a CD-ROM, or optical drive. The optical drive provides functionality to install software directly from CDs. It is important to understand how to open the drive properly to avoid damaging the optical lens inside the drive, rendering the drive useless. Although the optical drive will only open with the "Eject" button when the computer is powered on, you can also access the drive without power to the computer in the event that the computer fails.

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Locate the optical drive on the right side of your Toshiba A105 laptop.


Press the small button in the center of the drive cover to eject the optical drive. The eject button will open the optical drive any time the laptop is on and the drive is not in use.


Unfold a paper clip and insert the tip into the tiny hole beside the eject button on the drive cover if you are unable to turn on the power to the laptop. The manual eject button is located inside the small hole, and will force the drive to eject even when there is no power routed to the drive.

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