How to Open an EXE File

By James Johnson

Computer programs for the most part are opened and in many cases installed using what are known as executable files, most commonly referred to as EXE files. These files, as the name suggests, execute the programs being used. Luckily, opening EXE files is a process that any beginner can master in a short period of time.

Open EXE File Types Directly from Your Computer

Step 1

Download the EXE file to your computer. Typically, if the file is being installed on your PC, you can download the file to your main desktop screen. At installation, the files for the program will be added to their own folder. This makes it much easier to find the file to open it.

Step 2

Open the EXE file by either double clicking your left mouse button as quickly as possible or by clicking the right mouse button and then selecting the "Open" option followed by one left mouse button click

Step 3

Allow the file to launch into the install or program screen. If you are using the EXE to install a program, the application's installation screen will display. If the application is already installed on your computer, you should then be taken to the program's main home screen.

Open EXE Files From CDs

Step 1

Open your CD-ROM tray and place the CD into the tray. Close the tray.

Step 2

Navigate to your CD's file contents by clicking "Start." Then, click "My Computer." Double click with your left mouse button on the CD drive's name.

Step 3

Search for the EXE file from within your CD folders. Usually, the EXE file is found on the main CD screen, but you may need to search for it. To search for the EXE file, you can simply perform a Windows Search within your CD-ROM drive for the file with the "*EXE" extension. This will show you all files with the EXE extension.

Step 4

Double click on the EXE file with your left mouse button quickly to open the file. You can also right click one time and choose "Open," followed by a left mouse click.

Step 5

Allow the program to launch into the install screen or the application's main home screen.

Tips & Warnings

  • Know what you are downloading and ultimately opening before choosing to launch a EXE file, as viruses on untrusted applications may exist when downloaded from the Internet.Only open EXE files from trusted sources.