How to Open Gmail

The phrase "Lots of space (and counting)" is one of the most accurate ways to describe Google's Gmail email service. A free Gmail account provides you with a large amount of online storage for your important documents and emails. Some of the features that are unique to Gmail include Gmail Labs, Labels, Themes, Tasks and POP/IMAP support. Since Gmail is compatible with both POP and IMAP platforms, you can configure and use your account with any email client program, such as Outlook.

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Sign up for a free Gmail account to send and receive email.


Visit the Gmail homepage (see Resources) and then select the "Create an Account" button located under "New to Gmail? It's free and easy."


Complete the online form by typing your information in the boxes provided. Verify that the Gmail username you selected is available by clicking on the "Check Availability" button under the "Desired Login name" box.


Read the Google Terms of Service information and then create your Gmail account by selecting the "I Accept. Create my Account" button located at the bottom of the page.

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