How to Open Microsoft Word Documents

By Oxana Fox

Microsoft Word documents are binary files with extensions ".doc" or ".docx." Microsoft Word is widely used word-processing software for creating, editing and printing documents. Microsoft Word is not a standalone program but is a component of the Microsoft Office suite. The latest release of this software is Microsoft Office 2007.

Step 1

Purchase Microsoft Office 2007. It is available from many retailers; see Resources for one of them.

Step 2

Insert the installation DVD into the DVD drive. Installation of the Microsoft Office 2007 suite starts automatically. Follow simple on-screen instructions to complete it.

Step 3

Click "Start" in the lower-left corner of the screen and "All Programs." Then click "Microsoft Office" and Microsoft Office Word 2007 to launch this application.

Step 4

Press "Ctrl-O" on your keyboard to bring up the Microsoft Word "Open" window.

Step 5

Browse your computer and find a Microsoft Word document. Double-click on the file name to open it

Tips & Warnings

  • If Microsoft Office 2007 is already installed on your computer, skip Steps 1 and 2.