How to Open NRG Files

By Joe Rivers

In an increasingly digital world, software is more and more commonly distributed via the Internet rather than by CD or DVD. Because of this, software is distributed in file "container" types such as .dmg, .iso or .nrg. These files act as virtual CDs or DVDs, which can be mounted and un-mounted from your computer for the installation of software. Unfortunately, most computers do not come with the software necessary to mount such files, but luckily, there are free tools that can help you to do so.

Things You'll Need

  • Daemon Tools

Step 1

Navigate to in your browser of choice. Scroll down to “Daemon Tools Lite” and download the program.

Step 2

Install Daemon Tools Lite.

Step 3

Right click the Daemon Tools icon in the Windows toolbar (bottom right hand corner of the screen). Scroll to “Virtual CDDVD-ROM,” then “Set number of devices” and select “1.” This creates a virtual drive with which your computer can open image files.

Step 4

Right click the Daemon Tools icon in the Windows toolbar yet again and scroll to “Virtual CDDVD-ROM,” then “Device 0: [F:] No media” and click “Mount Image.” After clicking this, you may browse for the .nrg file you wish to open.

Tips & Warnings

  • When navigating Daemon tools from the toolbar, you don’t need to click each option. Instead, hover over the options, clicking only the final button.