How to Open the HP Toolbox

By James Johnson

The HP Toolbox is a software package that allows users to easy align and clean their printer heads without any "Manual" processes. If you're using a Windows-based computer, accessing the HP Toolbox can be done in several different ways.

Step 1

Click on the "Windows Start Button" followed by the "Settings" option and finally choose "Printers." Left click one time on the printer you want to choose. At the top of the screen click on "File" followed by the "Properties" option under the file screen. In the properties box click on the tab titled "Services." Finally click the "Open Toolbox" option to open the tool box.

Step 2

Double click the "Printer Assistant" icon on your Desktop. Next click on the "Utilities Button." If you don't see this button, try the "Tools and Updates" button. Finally click on the "Printer Maintenance" button and then choose the task to open.

Step 3

Try opening the toolbox from the taskbar by right clicking on the "Printer Icon" found on the taskbar at the bottom of your display. Choose the "Open HP Deskjet XXXX series Toolbox" and you should now be in the correct process for calibration purposes.

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