How to Optimize DSL

By Randall Shatto

Optimizing a DSL is important for the quality of your Internet connection. You will gain quicker speeds for surfing, downloading and using FTP servers. Any protocol that you use with your DSL will move faster. If you just reinstalled Windows, bought a new computer or your Internet is running slower than normal, you need to optimize your DSL. A simple program will take the grunt work out of fixing your connection for optimum performance. Download and run the program and you will see your speed skyrocket.

Things You'll Need

  • TCP Optimizer

Step 1

Go to the website, On the left-hand side of the screen is a menu. Locate and click on "TCP/IP Optimizer." This will bring you to the download screen.

Step 2

Click on "TCP Optimizer," which will will bring up a download popup window. Press "Run."

Step 3

View the SG TCP Optimizer window. Change the "Connection Speed" sliding bar to your maximum DSL speed. Choose the option, "Modify All Network Adapters." At the bottom of the popup window, select "Optimal Settings." Then click "Apply Settings."

Step 4

Reboot your computer for the changes to take place.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are expert in computers, you may decide to change the advance settings. View the documentations that are present on if you are unclear on what the option is.
  • Never download an optimizer from an unknown site. The program that you download could contain harmful files, which may destroy your computer. Always be aware of files and websites while you are surfing the Internet.

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