How to Outline Text on Paint.NET

By Leah Newman

Paint.NET is a freeware graphics program that runs on Windows XP, Vista or 7. The program supports layers, plug-ins and downloaded add-ons such as brushes. It can be used to create simple banners and buttons or to design more intricate graphics. There are several methods to outline text in Paint.NET. The technique described here is the most basic but does not offer many design options for different shapes or width of the outline. Plug-ins and customized brushes may offer more options.

Step 1

Click on the Text tool on the tool bar. This looks like a letter "A." Click your mouse anywhere on the canvas and drag diagonally to create a text box. Enter your text.

Step 2

Select "Layers" in the menu at the top of your screen. Click "Add New Layer."

Step 3

Select "Effects," "Object," "Outline Object."

Step 4

Select "Layers," "Flatten Layers."

Step 5

Save by pressing CTRL+S or "File," "Save."