How to Photoshop Digital Pictures

By Kurt Schwengel

"Photoshopping" is the process of manipulating digital pictures--it's not as hard as it sounds and does not require the program Photoshop to do it. I am going to explain a rather simple way to "photoshop" pictures that can be done in several different programs. For this tutorial I will use the program Macromedia Freehand.

Things You'll Need

  • A desktop publishing program

Step 1

Get a desktop publishing program such as Macromedia Freehand, Photoshop or Quark Express.

Step 2

Find a digital picture that you would like to change. For this article I am going to take this picture of me making a jump shot and turn it into a picture of me slam dunking!

Step 3

Plan out what you want to do to the picture. The more you plan ahead, the easier the process will be.

Step 4

Learn to "paste inside." You should be familiar with the copy and paste process. "Paste inside" is the process of making a copy of a picture, creating a shape, laying that shape on top of the picture you copied and pasting that picture inside of the shape you created. Imagine a picture of an American flag. Click on the picture and make a copy of it. Now create a circle and put it over the middle of the flag, hit "paste inside" and you now have a circle with the middle of the American flag in it. This is "paste inside."

Step 5

With the "paste inside" action you can do all the "photoshopping" you need. Watch how I first remove myself from the photo below. I need to find spots of the background to cover me up, so I create pieces of the wall and floor behind me that will go over me.

Step 6

I also need to cut out the picture of myself to place much higher. Using the drawing/tracing tool I first make a copy of the entire picture. I then outline myself and click "paste inside." I have just created a duplicate of myself that I can place anywhere in the picture.

Note that both of my lower legs were not pictured in the original, so I had to duplicate my left leg and place it on my right leg.

Step 7

Once I am covered up, I then move the picture of me to where I want it to appear.

Step 8

To make these pictures appear more realistic, use a technique called "feather." This blurs the very outside of the image just a little so that it does not appear to be cut out.

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