How to Place a Conference Call Using a Nortel M7310

By William Pullman

Nortel Norstar M7310 phones are used by businesses and have several features and functions not found on standard phones. One of the features is a conference call function, which allows you to connect and communicate with two callers at one time. The two callers are also able to communicate with each other when using the Nortel M7310 conference call function.

Step 1

Connect with the first participant by making or receiving the call. Do not continue to Step 2 until the first participant is connected.

Step 2

Press the "Hold" button to place the first participant on hold.

Step 3

Dial the number of the second participant. Do not continue to Step 4 until the second participant is connected.

Step 4

Push the "Conference" button to set up the conference call feature. Alternatively, you can press "Feature" and then "3."

Step 5

Connect the calls by pressing the "INTERCOM" button located next to the phone line holding the first participant.