How to Play a Clip Backwards in Adobe Premiere Pro

By Andrew Tennyson

Understanding how to manipulate clips is vital to getting the most out of your digital video editing software. The Clip Speed/Duration dialog in Adobe Premiere Pro enables you to adjust how fast and how long a clip plays. It's also the dialog you use if you want to reverse a video clip so that it plays backwards.

Step 1

Right-click in your timeline, click "Import," and then select the video clip you want to play backwards. Alternatively, import a clip by clicking "File," and then selecting "Import."

Step 2

Drag the clip to the desired location in your timeline.

Step 3

Click "Window" on the main menu, and then select "Info" to display the Info panel.

Step 4

Right-click the clip and select "Speed/Duration" on the pop-up menu to open the Clip Speed/Duration dialog.

Step 5

Place a check mark in the "Reverse speed" check box, and then click "OK" to reverse the clip. From now on, when the clip plays in the timeline it will play backwards.

Tips & Warnings

  • Once you've changed a clip so that it plays backwards, you can speed it up or put it in slow motion by adjusting the Speed field on the Clip Speed/Duration dialog. Normal speed is represented by a value of 100, so a value below 100 slows the original clip down and a value above 100 speeds it up.
  • Information in this article refers to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It may slightly or significantly with other versions.