How to Play DVDs in QuickTime

By Athena Hessong

QuickTime media player is a free Apple software program that allows users to play media from a variety of sources. QuickTime turns your computer into a DVD player for watching movies without a television. Compatible with both Mac and Windows computers, QuickTime poses few barriers for those who want to use the DVD player feature.

Things You'll Need

  • QuickTime player
  • DVD drive

Step 1

Insert a DVD movie into your DVD drive.

Step 2

Open the Finder or Windows Explorer and locate the icon for the DVD movie under the drive letter of the DVD reader.

Step 3

Click and hold the icon for the DVD movie and drag it across the scree to the QuickTime player icon.

Step 4

Release the mouse button when the DVD movie file icon is over the QuickTime player icon. QuickTime will open and begin to play the movie automatically.