How To Plug in an Ethernet Cable

By Liz Jacobs

An ethernet cord can connect two machines using the ethernet ports on each. A small plastic piece on the end of the cord, called a modular plug, helps lock the cord in place. The cords are commonly used to hook a computer to an Internet modem. Plugging in an ethernet cord takes two things--care and patience, because the small plastic component on the modular plug can easily break if handled too roughly.

Step 1

Hold the cord firmly in your hand and turn it so the small plastic component that looks like a flap on the modular plug is facing up.

Step 2

Insert the modular plug into your computer's ethernet port. A computer has several ports for different cords, including a USB port and a telephone cable port. The ethernet port is slightly larger than the telephone cable port.

Step 3

Firmly push the modular plug into the ethernet port making sure the plug locks into place. You should hear a low snapping sound.