How to Port Forward to Stream an IP Camera

By Lysis

Port forwarding is an application setting on your local network router. Using a Linksys router, you can forward the traffic from the Internet to your internal IP camera. This gives anyone the opportunity to view the images and video streaming from your camera. This also enables you to place a link on a Web page or give a friend or relative the address to view the camera's images. A Linksys router has an interface available through your Web browser where you can access the router's configuration and set up port forwarding for an IP camera.

Step 1

Open your browser an enter the IP address for the Linksys router into the navigation text box. For most default network settings, the IP address for the router ins

Step 2

Enter the password for the administrative account for the router. The default settings for a new Linksys router is a blank username and the password is "admin." Once you've entered the password, click the "Security" tab at the top of the page.

Step 3

Clear the check box labeled "Block Anonymous Internet Requests" and click the "Save Settings" button. Once the settings are saved, click the "Applications and Gaming" tab at the top.

Step 4

Click the "Port Range Forward" link. This opens a page with a list of text and list boxes. Enter a friendly name in the first text box labeled "Application Name." Enter "8150" in the text box labeled "Start." Enter "8350" in the text box labeled "End."

Step 5

Select "Both" from the protocol type section. Enter the IP address of your camera into the indicated text box, and make sure the "Enable" check box is filled. Click the "Save Settings" button, and the camera is now available from the Internet.