How to Post a Screenshot to Twitter

By William McCoy

Taking a screenshot and sharing it with colleagues can be an effective teaching tool, especially when explaining a technical issue to someone who may require an image to fully understand the problem. There are other reasons to share screenshots, too, such as sharing a video gaming accomplishment with other gamers. If you use Twitter as a way of connecting with others, you can easily post a screenshot on the website for others to see.

Step 1

Hold the "Alt" button on your keyboard and press "Print Scr" to take a screenshot.

Step 2

Open a graphics program, such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint, and paste the screenshot image into a new document by clicking "Edit" and "Paste" or using a shortcut, such as "Ctrl" and "V."

Step 3

Edit the screenshot image as necessary. If desired, change the size of the image, crop out unnecessary parts of the image or highlight an important part of the screenshot with an arrow or circle.

Step 4

Save the screenshot image as a JPG or GIF file.

Step 5

Visit Twitpic, Twitter's official photo-sharing service. Although several other such photo services are available, you can sign into Twitpic using your Twitter account information.

Step 6

Click "Browse" to find the screenshot you previously saved, add a message up to 114 characters if desired and confirm your posting options. You can post the image to your Twitter account or post it with the location data, if applicable. Click "Upload" to publish your screenshot.