How to Prevent Your Phone From Being Tapped

By Techwalla Contributor

Privacy is important to all of us . Unfortunately our privacy can sometimes be invaded . Luckily there are ways to prevent this from happening. Follow the simple steps below to eliminate your risk of having your phone tapped.

Step 1

Phone Tap DetectorsA phone tap detector is a small device used to determine whether or not your phone is in fact tapped. The device plugs in to your LAN line phone and lights up green when your line is clear and lights up red when your someone is listening in to your phone call.

Step 2

Purchasing a Phone Tap DetectorPhone tap detectors can be found on many websites all over the web . You can find a great deal on one at websites such as or .

Step 3

Installing a Phone Tap DetectorInstalling your phone tap detector is simple and requires no knowledge of advanced phone line systems . All that is required is connecting a small cord from your phone line to the detector box and plugging a power cord from the detector to a power source.

Step 4

Know Your RightsIt is important to know you rights as a US citizen. No private party has the legal right to tap your phones . Anyone caught tapping your phone will be subject to criminal prosecution. The Police do not have the right to tap your phone with probable cause.