How to Prevent Your Phone From Being Tapped

Privacy is important to everyone. Unfortunately privacy can sometimes be invaded by technological devices used to tap a phone line. Luckily there are ways to prevent this from happening by using a phone tap detector. Most phone tap detectors work by monitoring the line for common tapping methods. Detectors do not detect legal taps put in place by the authorities. Legal taps are installed by the phone company at the central station and simply copy the digital data from a phone conversation to a second line monitored by the authorities. This makes a legal tap undetectable.

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Detect illegal taps to protect your privacy.


Purchase a phone tap detector online or at a local hardware store. At the time of publication, prices range from $40 to $300 for a phone tap detector.


Plug one end of the detector directly into the phone line. Plug the phone into the RJ11 connection on the detector. Some detectors include a power plug that must be plugged in to a power source.


Press the power switch if present to turn on the phone tap detector. The LED lights will light up if a tap is detected.

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