How to Print Blank Checks With Quickbooks

By Tiesha Whatley

Quickbooks is a financial software application that lets you keep track of your accounts payable and receivables. One of the other tasks you can perform with Quickbooks is printing checks to vendors and employees. Quickbooks allows you to just add check-printing paper to your printer, choose what check you want to print and print. Quickbooks automatically keeps track of all the checks that you print and add them to your electronic check registry.

Things You'll Need

  • Quickbook
  • Check-printing paper

Step 1

Add blank check-printing paper to your printer. Determine whether you should insert the paper face up or face down to print the checks correctly. Also check your ink levels and toner to ensure that the printer has enough ink to print the check.

Step 2

Open Quickbooks. Click on "File" > "Print Forms" > "Checks". A window will open for you to select the checks you want to print.

Step 3

Choose the bank account the money will be drawn from and the checks you want to print. Quickbook lists the checks according to information you have entered in the software, such as bills due and employee payroll.

Step 4

Enter the check number in the "First Check Number" box. Click "OK."

Step 5

Choose your printer in the next window, if you have multiple printers connected to the computer. The default printer will already be selected.

Step 6

Choose a check style; the choices are Standard, Wallet or Voucher.

Step 7

Click "Print" to send the job to the printer from Quickbooks.

Tips & Warnings

  • You will have to maintain the software to ensure that the checks you want to print are listed when printing. Add the vendors, employees, payroll schedule and bills as soon as they come in.