How to Print From Internet Explorer

Click the "Tools" icon -- which resembles a gear -- in Internet Explorer 11. Hover over "Print" and select either "Print..." or "Print preview..." Clicking on "Print..." brings up the Print dialog box and allows you to print the Web page immediately. Clicking "Print preview..." lets you see what the printed page is going to look like and allows you to make adjustments before printing. You can also use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl-P" to bring up the Print dialog box.

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Print from Internet Explorer using the Tools menu or "Ctrl-P."
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Printing Options

In Print Preview, you can change the orientation of the document and add headers and footers. You can preview multiple pages and you can zoom in or out on the pages. Click the printer icon or "Alt-P" to bring up the Print dialog box when you are ready to print the document.

To print just one picture on a Web page instead of the entire page, right click on the picture and choose "Print picture..." to bring up the Print dialog box.

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