How to Print Playlist in Windows Media Player

By M. Alanna White

People all over the world use Windows Media Player every day. Some have extensive libraries of various artists in their collections. These libraries are called playlists. With Windows Media Player, users can download music from the web, listen to their playlists at will and even burn CDs of these playlists. They can also use Windows Media Player to upload music files onto their iPods or MP3 players. But what users cannot do with Windows Media Player is export this playlist information into another file and print it. To do this, you need Windows Media Info Exporter.

Step 1

Open "Media Info Exporter"" in your "Start" menu. Allow it time to completely load.

Step 2

Open "Plug-ins." This is located inside the "Access Applications" menu under "Tools." Once you see the Plug-ins dialog box, select "Media Info Exporter." From there, select "Properties."

Step 3

Select "Microsoft Excel" in the "Properties" dialog box under "Applications." Another drop-down menu within Properties will prompt you to choose the file type in which you want your information saved. It is suggested that you select "best fit for application." Select this and press "Enter" or Select "OK."

Step 4

Your Windows Media Player playlist has just been exported to Microsoft Excel. Open this file from "Documents." Once it loads on Microsoft Excel, select "Print" in the "File" menu.