How to Print the Screen on Facebook

By Mike Heldar

Facebook is a popular social website that offers many different status updates and comments from its users. Facebook conversations are often tiered, with one comment occurring below another. This also extends to pictures, where comments are placed below individual picture items. Taken out of context, a single comment may not seem humorous, but when combined with a full-screen printout can become significantly more entertaining.

Things You'll Need

  • Printer

Step 1

Connect your printer if it is not currently connected.

Step 2

Access the page on Facebook that has the content you would like to capture. Make sure it is the active, or selected, window.

Step 3

Press the "Alt" and "PrtScn" keys together on your keyboard. This takes a capture of the current window.

Step 4

Press the Windows and "R" keys together on your keyboard to open the "Run" dialog.

Step 5

Type "mspaint.exe" and press "Enter" to load Paint.

Step 6

Press "Ctrl" and "V" on your keyboard to paste the captured screen image into Paint.

Step 7

Press "Ctrl" and "P" on your keyboard to open the "Print..." menu. Select your printer from the list, then click "Print" to print the Facebook screen.