How to Print Thumbnails in Acrobat

By K.C. Winslow

In Adobe Acrobat, thumbnails are small versions of the pages in a document. Using these thumbnails, you can move around in the document, reorganize it, copy pages or delete pages. If you want to print thumbnails of the pages of a PDF, use Acrobat's "Page Scaling" feature.

Step 1

Click "File" and "Print."

Step 2

Indicate which pages you want to print as thumbnails in the "Print Range" area. You can select to print all of the pages or the pages currently in view. You can also enter a range of pages or enter page numbers individually with a comma between them.

Step 3

Set the "Page Scaling" menu to "Multiple pages per sheet."

Step 4

Select the number of thumbnails to appear on each printed page using the "Pages per sheet" menu. Alternatively, you can enter how many rows and columns of thumbnails should appear on each page in the text boxes.

Step 5

Set the "Page Order" menu to the desired layout for the pages. You have the option of laying out the thumbnails in a horizontal, reverse horizontal, vertical or reverse vertical format.

Step 6

Press the "Print" button to print the thumbnails.