How to Print Vertical Labels

By Peyton Brookes

Creating custom labels is an important part of organizing your home or office. Labels come in standard or custom sizes, as self-adhesives and typically in horizontal format. As a result, creating a vertical label takes some creativity and a few tools. Most labels are designed to work with word processing software, which uses an embedded template or allows you to create a new one. You can use standard label templates to create custom vertical labels.

Step 1

Select the type of label you would like to use (see Resource). Several companies offer blank label products.

Step 2

Open your word processing software. Microsoft Office Word or Open Office Writer offer tools for creating vertical text.

Step 3

Click "Tools," "Letters and Mailings" and "Envelopes and Labels." Select the "Labels" tab and then click "Options." Select the product number from the "Product Number" section of the "Options" page. The product number should match the number on your label product. Click the "OK" button.

Step 4

Click "File" and then "Page Setup." Click the "Landscape" option under page orientation. Click "OK."

Step 5

Tap the "Ctrl" + "A" keys to select the entire document. Right-click the labels and select "Format." Select "Text Direction" and select a vertical text option.

Step 6

Enter the text on each label and then select the "Print" option. Make sure you insert the labels into the printer before you click "Print."