How to Program a Uniden Bearcat BC72XLT Scanner

By Stephen Lilley

The Bearcat BC72XLT is a type of police frequency radio scanner designed by Uniden. It allows you to hear radio broadcasts by emergency services like police and firefighters in your area. If you have a Uniden Bearcat BC72XLT, you're going to need to program in some frequencies in order to allow your scanner to receive them. Do this using the controls located on the front of the device.

Step 1

Turn on your Uniden Bearcat BC72XLT by pressing "Power." The unit automatically begins to scan for available frequencies.

Step 2

Press the "Manual" button to stop it from automatically scanning.

Step 3

Press the "E" button. This allows you to use the number pad on the front of the device to enter in a frequency you would like to tune the unit to. Do so at this time.

Step 4

Press the "E" button one more time. This saves the frequency you just entered into your Uniden Bearcat BC72XLT. The frequency is programmed into the unit's memory.

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