How to Program a Uniden Phone

By Patrick Nelson

Uniden phones are landline-type portable phones and are useful to have in the home for lengthy phone calls. Calls from a domestic landline-to-landline can often be bundled in a basic monthly subscription you can get with your TV or Internet service. Also, using a landline can sometimes save you money compared with a cell phone. You can program Uniden phones with frequently used names and numbers. The Uniden DECT1080 can store 100 numbers. The phone book names are stored alphabetically.

Step 1

Press the Down main navigation button and press Menu/OK. The main navigation button is in the center of the keypad and is cylindrical in shape.

Step 2

Press either the Up or Down main navigation button until "New Entry" appears on the display.

Step 3

Press the Menu/OK button and "Enter Name" will appear on the display.

Step 4

Enter the name using the keypad. Enter the names the same way you would enter text in a text message on a mobile phone. For example, to enter the character "H," press the 4 digit twice. Use the labeling on the buttons to guide you.

Step 5

Press the Menu/OK button after entering the name and "Enter Number" will appear on the display. Enter the phone number using the keypad.

Step 6

Press the Up or Down navigation button to select "Save" or "Go Back" and then press Menu/OK. The entry is now programmed. Press the goodbye button; it's the button with the phone icon on a cradle.

Step 7

Press the Down navigation button and the first alphabetical number is displayed. If you keep holding the button, the phone will scroll through your phone book alphabetically.

Step 8

Press the button with the phone icon on it (not the goodbye button) to dial the number associated with the phone book entry.

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