How to Program Panasonic Phones

By Patrick Nelson

Panasonic's expandable Digital Enhanced Cordless (DECT) phones let you move freely around your home with long range, reduced interference and very clear sound. The system can be expanded with more phones. They can be easily added to the system with some simple programming.

Step 1

Plug the new phone into the AC wall outlet and charge the batteries. Charge the phone for at least seven hours before attempting to use it. Use the supplied battery.

Step 2

Plug the phone into the telephone jack on the wall.

Step 3

Program the registration of the handset to the base unit. Lift the handset and press "Off". On the base unit press and hold "Locator" for about 5 seconds.

Step 4

Place the handset on the charger within 90 seconds. The handset will display "Registering"

Step 5

Wait until a long beep sounds and the antenna icon stops flashing.

Tips & Warnings

  • If all the previously registered phones start ringing, press Locator again and repeat the programming.

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