How to Put Flags on Facebook

By Stephanie Ellen

If you want to add a flag to your Facebook profile, you could upload a picture of a flag to the photos section of your profile. However, that limits your flag display to one place -- your photo gallery. If you want a more versatile placement of flags, use a Facebook app. Apps are third-party programs that you can use to add elements such as flags to your profile.

Step 1

Navigate to the Facebook App Directory,, and type "flags" into the "Search Apps" text box.

Step 2

Click on an application name. There are several applications that will add flags to your profile including "World Flags," "Flags!" and "Painted Flags."

Step 3

Click "Go to App" and then click "Allow" to give the app access to your profile.

Step 4

Follow the instructions to use the app. Each app is different but in general, a pop up window will appear as soon as you install the app.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want to use the app again to add more flags, click the app name in the left hand column of your Facebook profile.