How to Put Icons & Smiley Faces in Email

By Calandra Cooper

While emails can be viewed as an impersonal form of communication, adding emoticons--icons used to express emotion--could grab your reader’s attention and add some of the personalization often missing from email messages.

Step 1

Open your email program and begin composing your message.

Step 2

Insert a smiley face by placing your cursor at the exact point you’d like the smiley face to appear, then left clicking on the smiley face (emoticon) symbol located on the insert menu, or on one of the other menus in your message window. This opens a graphical menu of emoticons available in your email program.

Step 3

Select the smiley face (or whichever emoticon you prefer) by left clicking it once. Your emoticon automatically appears. Continue composing your email and send as normal.

Tips & Warnings

  • Emoticon locations vary from one email client to the next. If you have trouble finding the emoticon button on your email toolbar, hover your mouse pointer over each icon until the words “insert emoticon here” or a similar phrase appear. This is your emoticon button.
  • Insert generic emoticons into email using your keyboard. For example, a colon [ : ] followed by a right parenthesis [ ) ] is the generic symbol for a smiley face :).
  • Email recipients not using a client that supports HTML won't be able to see graphic emoticons.