How to Receive SMS Messages on an iPad

Your Apple iPad includes many features, even the ability to send and receive text messages. All you need to do is download and install an app such as iTim Text Messenger or Textfree Unlimited that will allow you to tap into this great feature. Using the 3G or Wi-Fi connection in your iPad, these apps allow you to send and receive text messages. As of October 2010, iTim Text Messenger costs $.99 each, and Textfree Unlimited is available for free.

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Purchase and Download either iTim Text Messenger or Textfree Unlimited. To do this, go to "Apps" on your iPad, and look up and purchase the app. Your iPad will download and install the app.


Open your selected app by clicking on the icon from your iPad screen. Textfree gives you a free phone number for you to use for texting; click "confirm" to accept the phone number. ITim text messaging works with Google Voice, allowing you to send and receive your messages over your Internet connection.


Add your texting friends to the app, and click on their contact information to text-message them. The interface of both apps is very similar to that of a touchscreen phone's message applications.

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