How to record any sound on your computer without a microphone

By John Ruiz

There are several Windows applications such as Sound Recorder that rely on a microphone to capture sound. If you position the microphone near your speakers, you can record any sounds being played by your computer. This can be useful if you have a music application and wish to record your compositions or a game if you wish to capture certain sound effects. If you do not have a microphone, you can still use these recording applications to capture computer sounds as long as your sound card supports it.

Step 1

Close any recording applications such as Sound Recorder if they are currently open. Right-click the "Volume" icon on the Windows taskbar next to the clock and click "Recording devices."

Step 2

Right-click "Stereo Mix" if it is visible and click "Set as Default Device. " Right-click "Stereo Mix" again if it is visible and click "Set as Default Communications Device."

Step 3

Press the "Windows" key on the keyboard to see the Start screen. Type "Sound Recorder" and press the "Enter" key to launch the Sound Recorder application.

Step 4

Click the "Start Recording" button to begin recording. Any sounds coming from the computer will be captured while recording. Click the "Stop Recording" button to save the audio file.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you cannot find the "Stereo Mix" icon on the "Recording" tab, right-click on an empty white space within the box and click "Show Disabled Devices." Right-click "Stereo Mix" and click "Enable" to turn the function on.
  • If you still cannot find the "Stereo Mix" icon, update your audio drivers by running Windows Update from the Control Panel.
  • Some computers may list the recording device as "Mono Mix" or "Wave Out Mix" instead of "Stereo Mix." These devices all have the same function.