How to Record TV on a Computer

By Techwalla Computers Editor

You can record live TV shows on a computer using a TV Tuner card. Various brands of TV Tuner cards are available, with different features. Here are some of the common steps for recording live TV on a computer using a TV Tuner card.

Things You'll Need

  • Antenna
  • TV Tuner card
  • Computer
  • Television
  • Relevant cables
  • TV recording software

Step 1

Get a TV Tuner card for your computer. Insert the TV Tuner card into an empty PCI (Peripherals Component Interface) slot at the back of your CPU.

Step 2

Connect the cable of your cable television to the relevant port of the TV Tuner card. The TV Tuner card may also have another port that connects to the TV antenna as input. In such cases, you will need to connect the TV's antenna to the TV Tuner card.

Step 3

Connect an audio cable (usually provided along with the TV Tuner card) to your computer's sound card.

Step 4

Insert the antenna that is included in the TV Tuner box into its relevant slot on the TV Tuner card.

Step 5

Install any TV recording software and the card's drivers on your PC. Your TV Tuner card may come with such recording software. Alternatively, if you have a Windows Media Center PC, you do not need any additional recording software. Reboot the computer after installing all necessary software.

Step 6

Keep in mind that the process for recording live TV differs from one TV Tuner card to another. However, if you open the recording tool installed on your computer, you should see an option that reads "Create New Recording," "Record TV," "Record" or something similar. You may also be able to set a recording schedule depending on the type of TV Tuner card and software.

Step 7

Switch on the TV and click the channel that you would like to record. Use the record feature of the software to start recording.