How to Reformat a MacBook

By Rita Wood

Sometimes we have problems with our computers that cannot be fixed and a reformat is the only option. Before you reformat a MacBook, it is important to have a backup of all the files and applications because reformating erases everything on the drive. After you finish formatting a MacBook, you can reinstall the OS X and reinstall the applications and files from your backup.

Step 1

Backup all data on your MacBook before continuing. Formatting a hard drive erases all information and you need the backup to reinstall the applications and files you had installed on your MacBook.

Step 2

Insert the Mac OS X CD into the CD/DVD drive. Restart the computer by clicking the "Apple" emblem on the top right of the screen and select "Restart."

Step 3

Press and hold the "C" key on the keyboard immediately after the startup sound. The installer screen will appear. Select "Installer," "Open" then "Disk Utilities."

Step 4

Select the hard drive you want to reformat and click the "Erase" tab. Select the volume format from the "Volume Format" pop-up menu.

Step 5

Click "Options" and check the check box for "Zero all data." Click "OK" then "Erase." The erase process will take several hours.