How to Register a Business Email

By Maya Austen

Many Internet service providers offer users free e-mail accounts (such AOL, Google's "gmail," and Microsoft's "hotmail"). When you sign up for an e-mail account with service providers, your e-mail address will carry the Internet service provider's domain name (though you can select your own e-mail address username). While this trade-off is fine for personal e-mail accounts, it's more professional for a business to have its own domain name.

Things You'll Need

  • Credit card

Step 1

Make up a domain name for your business e-mail address. A domain name is a type of online identifier. Each domain name resolves to an Internet Protocol (IP) address. IP addresses are used to route Internet users to the location of files in cyberspace. In an e-mail address, the domain follows the "@" symbol. For example, in the e-mail address "," "" is the domain name, and "Sarah" is the username. If you have a commercial business, you may use either the ".com" or ".net" server type designation. If your business is non-profit you may use the ".org" server type designation. Choose your domain name carefully. Bear in mind that domain names are not only used in e-mail addresses, but website addresses as well. So as you select a domain name for your business e-mail, consider that you might also want to create a corresponding website with this domain name.

Step 2

Check the availability of your selected domain name. You can use either of the "Check Domain" resource links provided in this article. If the domain name you have chosen is already registered by somebody else, you'll have to try another name.

Step 3

Register your domain name. After you check the availability of your domain name, you'll be given the option to register it. Domain name registration costs $5 to $10 a year. You also can register for a two- or three-year time span.

Step 4

Sign up for an account with an e-mail hosting service. E-mail hosting services provide access to an outsourced e-mail system. The cost of using this type of service is generally less than $40 annually. Some e-mail hosting services offer free domain name registration for customers who open up an account with them.