How to Remote Wake-Up a Computer

By Crystal Lee

It is possible to turn on a computer without even being near the machine. This is commonly referred to as a "wake." The most common ways to perform a remote wake on a computer are through a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN). Waking a remote computer on a LAN/WAN allows you to access files from other computers. Also, shutting down the computer when not in use maintains the machine's invulnerability to hackers and viruses.

Step 1

Enable the "Wake on LAN" function from the power management screen. The majority of computer motherboards have the innate "wake on LAN" functionality, but it must be enabled manually. To do so, select the feature from the BIOS power management screen.

Step 2

Configure the media access control (MAC) address through the command prompt function. Enter "ipconfig/all" in the command prompt to identify the computer's Internet protocol (IP) address and the MAC. Differentiate the two numbers as the MAC address will display digits in this format: XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX.

Step 3

Download and install "wake on LAN" software, which you can find online.

Step 4

Perform a test of the progress thus far to avoid lengthy problem-solving processes later. You should continue this after every step hereafter. Repeat the last step you performed if a problem arises, rather than struggle to find where you went wrong at the end.

Step 5

Configure the port number. If you are using Magic Packet Utility, the port number is 2304. However, if you chose different software, you must identify the destination port from your program. On screen, your destination port may appear as Dst Port.

Step 6

Allow for remote login on your router using the port number. In your router's port forwarding menu, create a rule that all UDP packets are sent to the "wake on LAN" port to the Broadcast IP address of the LAN.

Step 7

Ensure the process completed successfully by testing the feature. Turn the computer off manually. Send the "wake on LAN" signal to the computer by entering required information such as IP and MAC address. If you can log in to the test computer you have remotely woke up a computer.

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