How to Remove a Computer From a Docking Station

By Chad Buleen

A docking station can be an effective tool to have in your home or office when using a laptop computer. In addition to allowing you to charge the battery in your laptop, a docking station also allows you to connect to a home or office network. This means your laptop is connected to printers, fax machines and other devices and programs on the network. When you need to take your laptop elsewhere, you can remove it from the docking station.

Step 1

Close any open programs and close the computer.

Step 2

Press the "Undock" button on the docking station.

Step 3

Wait for the "Eject" button to turn green.

Step 4

Insert the key into the security cable lock and turn it to remove the security cable, if attached.

Step 5

Move the slide lock toward the back of the docking station and press the "Eject" button.

Step 6

Lift up to remove the laptop.

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