How to Remove a Toolbar From Safari

By Julius Vandersteen

Apple's free Safari web browser comes installed on every Mac and you can download a version that runs on PCs. When you visit websites with Safari, you can use the toolbar to do tasks such as reload a page, zoom the text, print the page, look at your history or bookmarks or open a new blank tab. The toolbar takes up space in a strip running across the top of the Safari window. If you want to have a little more room in the window to see websites, or if you find the toolbar unnecessary or distracting, you can easily hide it.

Step 1

Double-click on the Safari icon to launch the web browser.

Step 2

Click "View" from the menu.

Step 3

Click "Hide Toolbar." The toolbar will disappear.

Tips & Warnings

  • Click "View," and then click "Show Toolbar" if you want to see the toolbar again.
  • Click "View," and then click "Customize Toolbar" if you want to add items to the toolbar, such as "Mail," "Print" or "History." A pane will open with various items, as well as the default toolbar set, which consists of "Back/Forward" buttons, "Add Bookmark," the "Address Bar", and "Search." Drag items to the toolbar, and then click "Done."

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