How to Remove Adware Tracking Cookies?

Browsing the Internet is not without risk. There are untold viruses and malicious software that can be installed on your system as you visit websites. Often you do not even realize when these programs invade your system.

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Over time, as these programs accumulate, your system may begin to operate more slowly or erratically. When this happens, this is your indication that it is time to check to see if there are programs lurking on your system that should be removed.

There are many programs and services available that claim to clean your operating system and remove adware. Rather than explore these adware removal programs, this article will provide information about some of the things that you can do yourself to manually remove adware and malware from your computer system and prevent future invasions.


Look at the list of programs you have installed on your system by opening the Control Panel. From the Control Panel, select "Add/Remove Programs" and look carefully at the listing of programs that appears.

As you view the list, if you find programs that you do not recognize or you no longer wish to have on your computer, remove them.


Remove temporary Internet files and cookies from your system.

Firefox users: Select "Tools," then "Options," then "Privacy," and then "Settings." Within the settings, verify that at least the cache and cookies boxes are checked. Click "OK" and then "Clear Now."

Internet Explorer users: Select "Tools" and then "Delete Browsing History." This brings up a window that allows you to manually delete each section of the browsing history as desired. At the minimum, click "Delete Files" and "Delete Cookies."

It's recommended that this browser cleaning be performed once a week.


Keep a current anti-virus and firewall program installed on your computer and run full scans once a week.

Two popular programs are Norton Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security. Both of these programs offer free aspects of their services for trial purposes.

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