How to Remove Backdoor Rustock

By Kefa Olang

Backdoor Rustock is a backdoor Trojan that secretly installs on your computer and is capable of downloading and installing other malicious malware programs. Once it has been executed, it allows hackers unauthorized access to the infected computer. They can manipulate settings and configurations, send email spam and steal vital information. Because Backdoor Rustock avoids detection from popular rootkit detectors, manually removing it from your computer involves deleting all associate file and parasites to prevent it from reinstalling.

Step 1

Click \"Start.\" Choose \"Run,\" type \"%SystemRoot%\\system32\\restore\\rstrui.exe\" and then click \"OK.\" Click \"Create a restore point\" on the \"Welcome to System Restore Page,\" then click \"Next.\" Type in a name for your restore point and click \"Create.\" Click \"Close.\" This will back up the registry and the system.

Step 2

Click \"Start\" and choose \"Run.\" Type \"regedit\" and click \"OK\" to open the registry.

Step 3

Click the \"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\" folder on the left panel and choose \"SYSTEM.\" Click \"CurrentControlSet\" and choose \"Services.\" Right-click \"pe386\" and then choose \"Delete.\" Exit the registry.

Step 4

Click \"Start\" button and choose \"Search.\" Click \"Search for Files and Folders\" on the right panel to open the search window.

Step 5

Search for and delete the following files:%systemdir%\\hqiopa.sys%systemdir%\\kzq5re.sysyzbgqap.sysmsctl32.dllI386P.SYS%systemdir%\\iuzqpaf.sys

Tips & Warnings

  • It is always important to back up your system so that you have a restore point to go back to in the event that you accidentally delete a vital registry key.