How to Remove Favorites From Twitter

Apart from demonstrating your appreciation for a tweet, marking one as a favorite also saves it to a special section of your Twitter profile for easy viewing later. The action is not permanent, however, so if you want to remove a tweet from your favorites, it can be done while viewing it on your timeline or from the favorites section of your Twitter profile. To remove the favorited tweet, click or tap the gold star below the tweet. The grayed-out star indicates that the tweet has been removed from your favorites.

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The process of favoriting a tweet can easily be reversed.
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Removing Favorited Tweets From Your Timeline

Because the "Favorite" button is nestled between the "Retweet" and "More" buttons, it is easy to accidentally press it, especially when accessing Twitter from a touch-screen device. If you unintentionally favorited a tweet, click or tap the golden "Favorited" link below the tweet to return it to its previous grayed-out "Favorite" status.

Removing Favorited Tweets From Your Twitter Profile

Tweets you favorite are sorted by date in the "Favorites" section of your Twitter profile. Depending on how long ago you favorited a tweet, it is often more convenient to remove it from this section than to search through your entire timeline. Be sure to click the golden star below the tweet that you want to remove from your favorites and not the number displayed next to the star. The former removes the tweet, while the latter only displays how many favorites the tweet has garnered to date.

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