How to Remove Followers on Instagram

By Andrew Tennyson

When you block followers on Instagram, they no longer see your photos, videos or posts. They won’t be able to find your profile using the Instagram search tool either. You can block followers only when using the Instagram app for smartphones and tablets. Accounts can't be blocked using the Web version of Instagram.

Step 1

Tap the **Profile** icon in the bottom-right corner of the Instagram app to display your profile.

Step 2

Touch **Followers** to load a list of Instagram users who follow your account.

Step 3

Tap the account you want to block to load that account's profile.

Step 4

Touch the **Menu** icon in the top corner of the profile page.

Step 5

Tap **Block User** to block the user and remove him from your list of followers.

Tips & Warnings

  • The appearance of the menu icon on the user's profile page varies depending on the type of device you're using. On Android devices, it's a series of three vertical dots. On Windows phones and tablets, the dots are horizontal. On iOS devices, the Menu icon resembles a rectangle with an exiting arrow.
  • You can unblock the user at any time by visiting her profile page, tapping the “Menu” icon and then selecting “Unblock User.”
  • If you unblock a user you were previously following, you must follow her again. Instagram does not automatically re-follow accounts you followed prior to blocking.