How to Remove Guide Points in SketchUp

By Michael Batton Kaput

SketchUp is a modeling program offered by Google that lets you create designs of anything from buildings to coffee cups. By using geometric designs, SketchUp gives users the freedom to draw their own model and alter it in a variety of ways. To help users draw straight lines and keep geometric references while they work, SketchUp shows guide points, which appear as dotted lines on the screen. If too many guide points are enabled at once, Google SketchUp can experience poor performance. To remove a single guide point, or disable all of them, you can use the program's Edit menu.

Step 1

Click on the guide point you want to remove if you want to hide a single point.

Step 2

Click "Edit".

Step 3

Click "Hide" to remove the guide point.

Step 4

Click on "Edit" again if you wish to remove all guide points from a project.

Step 5

Click "Erase Guides".