How to Remove Jucheck.exe

By Kefa Olang

Jucheck.exe is the process that runs automatically when the Java updating tool is enabled. Jucheck.exe usually checks the Internet for available software updates and prompts you to install them to keep your program updated. If you prefer to search for and download Java updates manually when you want to, disabling the Java updating tool automatically disables and removes Jucheck.exe. Other than stopping automatic updates, Jucheck.exe Java updates don't adversely interfere with Java.

Step 1

Navigate to the Windows "Start" button, click the "Control Panel," and then click "Programs."

Step 2

Locate the "Java" icon and double-click it to launch the Java Control Panel.

Step 3

Click the "Update" tab and then click the checkbox next to the "Check for Updates Automatically" option to clear the check mark.

Step 4

Click "OK" to save your changes. Once the automatic updates feature is disabled, jucheck.exe is also disabled completely.

Tips & Warnings

  • Read about security softwares that will help you automatically detect and rid these viruses.