How to Remove My Age From People Search

By Michael Roennevig

Internet users are repeatedly warned to protect their personal information online. There are a number of websites that collect data from public records and then make the information available to all. If you see your personal details on the USA People Search site (, which states that it can find anyone instantly, you can opt out and have your information removed.

Step 1

Write a letter stating that you would like to have your details removed from the USA People Search website. Make it clear if you only want to remove your age. USA People Search is an online information broker that gathers data from a range of publicly available sources and sells it. The website offers some basic searches for free but users must pay for advanced enquires and criminal record checks.

Step 2

Include your full name; aliases or other names you've been known by; date of birth; current and previous addresses and current and previous phone numbers. USA People Search requires that all requests to opt out be submitted by post.Send your letter by recorded delivery to USA People Search, PO BOX 188860, Sacramento, CA 95818.

Step 3

Check the USA People Search website two weeks after sending the letter to make sure that your details have been removed. If they have not, contact the company by phone or email to find out when the information will be removed. You'll find contact details in the "Resources" section of the website.

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