How to Remove Power2go

Over the course of time computers accumulate a lot of software. Power2go is a CD burning application that some computer users may find is unnecessary. In looking to clear up hard drive space, they often seek to remove it. The process is not obvious, but is simple. If you want to remove it, follow the steps below.

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Go to the Windows Desktop, and click on the "Start" button. From the Start menu, select "Control Panel."


Click on "Add or Remove Programs," and locate any files with the name Power2go or Cyberlink.


One at a time select these files and then click on the "Remove" button.


Go to the Program Files folder on your hard drive and look for any files with the names Power2go or Cyberlink. One at a time, right click on them, select "Delete." With that you are finished.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some methods suggest going into the computer registry in order to remove programs. Be very careful when doing this. Any incorrect changes to the registry can have serious effects on your system.
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