How to Remove the BlueSoleil Toolbar

By Fatima Farakh

BlueSoleil is a software made for Windows and Linux operating systems to integrate and enable the use of Bluetooth. A large variety of Bluetooth-based devices are supported, including PDAs, mobile phones, printers, headsets, keyboards and other input devices. BlueSoleil allows you to transfer files, listen to audio, print documents and call your contacts through the use of the high-speed wireless technology of Bluetooth. When you install BlueSoleil on your computer, it will add a toolbar to Microsoft Outlook for direct access through the application. You can remove this toolbar through the Tools settings of the program.

Step 1

Go to the "Tools" menu on the top of Microsoft Outlook, choose "Trust Center" and click "Add-ins."

Step 2

Select "Comm Add-ins" from the drop-down menu next to "Manage" in the bottom of the window and click "Go."

Step 3

Select the BlueSoleil Add-in in the "Add-in" box.

Step 4

Click "OK" and the BlueSoleil toolbar will be removed.