How to Remove the Dell Dock

By Techwalla Contributor

The Dell Dock is an add-on for Windows that comes installed on Dell computers equipped with Windows Vista or later. For some the Dell Dock is handy; for others it is superfluous. If you are part of the "others" group, you can remove your Dell Dock so it is not interfering with your computer experience.

Step 1

Right-click anywhere on the Dell Dock. This will bring up an options selection menu. Select "Advanced Settings." NOTE: There is an option to "Close the dock." This will only shut the Dell Dock down for that one session. It will start up, again, the next time you log in, so don't select that option.

Step 2

Left-click on the arrow next to "Dock options." Under "Dock options," clear the check box by "Run at startup." This will keep the Dell Dock from loading the next time you log in.

Step 3

Shut the Dell Dock for the current session so you don't have to log off and back on. Click the arrow next to "Unloading the dock." There are two options here: "Close the dock" and "Turn off the dock and switch back to desktop icons." Selecting "Close the dock" will simply close the dock, but selecting "Turn off the dock ..." will export the icons on the dock to your desktop. If you like some of the functionality of the dock, you might want to go with the option to switch back to desktop icons.

Step 4

Confirm that you really want to close the Dell Dock. Click "Yes" and you are all done.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you ever want to get the Dell Dock back, go to "Start," "All Programs," "Dell." Select "Dell Dock."
  • If you want to remove the Dell Dock completely from your system, go to "Start," "Control Panel," "Programs and Features." Uninstall the application from there.